Best Celebrity Bob Hairstyles

When we heard that Olivia Wilde chopped off her hair, we were a little worried. Her long hair was so amazing, like “I wish I could shave her head and wear her hair as a wig” amazing. But then, she emerged with a beautiful choppy bob hairstyle. Could it be possible? A look more lovely than the one she had before? Apparently, yes.

And she wasn’t the only bob crazy celeb. Shakira and Jennifer Hudson also took to the scissors that same week. Before we knew it, every celeb seemed obsessed by this “it” look. So in honor of Hollywood’s new hair obsession, we decided to dedicate an entire gallery to bob hairstyles.

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We also discovered that the bob is seriously one of the most versatile hairstyles ever. There’s the choppy bob, the chin-length bob, the inverted bob, the faux bob and the “lob” (the longer bob). Then there are the different textures, with everything from wavy and tousled to sleek and straight. And you can turn it into a whole new look just by adding bangs. (As for maintenance, bob hairstyles are so easy to style, and “your drying time is generally speedy,” says celebrity hairstylist Randi Petersen.)

And in case you’ve got long hair, but still want the bob look without the cut, we got you covered. We included a gorgeous faux bob at the end of the gallery that you have to see. Ready for a little celebrity hairstyle inspiration?

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