Top 12 Bun Hairstyles

True story: An hour before my prom date was set to arrive and I was locked in my bathroom crying. The reason? My hair looked ridiculous. Though I brought a picture to the salon of the voluminous sexy curls I wanted, I walked out looking like I just stuck my finger in a socket.

As I tried to pull myself together, I swore that next prom — if there was one — I was going with a foolproof hairstyle. Something no one could mess up. I didn’t quite know what that hairstyle was, but it had to exist. And then, I saw it.

Click here to see the 12 top best bun hairstyles.

After the limo pulled up, my BFF — a very beautiful blonde — stepped out of the door with her date. Her hair looked radiant, yet simple. Classic, but not stuffy. Her hair was in a … bun.

Since that day, I’ve relied on the bun for many events, from graduations and weddings to date night and dinner parties. And I was right — the bun is the foolproof hairstyle. Plus, with so many variations, the bun is never boring. To prove my point, I found 12 amazing bun hairstyles recently seen on the red carpet. These looks you’ve just got to see.

Click here to see the 12 top best bun hairstyles.