Best & Worst Kardashian Products

Nail polish, shoes, diet pills, laser treatments -- those are just a few of the products the Kardashian's hock. But are they really worth your money?

khloe kardashian OPI nail polish

No. 10: Kardashian Kolors by Nicole OPI

Grade: A

There’s really no way the Kardashian sisters could mess this one up. OPI makes great nail polish — non-globby, chip resistant, and long lasting — so we’re already dealing with a quality product. But what about the Kardashian Kolors?

Surprisingly, the polishes come in some nice hues. Their new Spring collection contains shades like a bright chartreuse called Ladies in the Limelight, $7, or a bold, orangey-red called Strike a Pose, $7. (You can pick them up at CVS.) Great colors and quality polish? Sign me up.