Best & Worst Kardashian Products

Nail polish, shoes, diet pills, laser treatments -- those are just a few of the products the Kardashian's hock. But are they really worth your money?

kim kardashian tria laser hair removal system

No. 5: Tria Laser Hair Removal System

Grade: C-

In Kim’s words, “Armenian women have lots of body hair.” Her solution? The Tria Laser Hair Removal System, $395, which Kim began endorsing in May of 2011. Calling it “the greatest invention in life,” Kim raves about this personal at-home laser treatment on talk shows.

As for the actual product, the reviews are divided. Some users love the system: “The results are AMAZING. It’s been two months and the hair on my legs has thinned out to about half the amount of what it was.” And others say it doesn’t work: “12 procedures (according to the schedule they recommend) and nothing disappeared. After spending so much money and not seeing result, I’m just aggravated!” A 50/50 chance on a $400 product? Sounds like a bad bet to me.

And it hasn’t been all smooth skin and roses for Kim, either. In November of 2011, Kim was sued by another hair-removal company called Radiancy, who said Kim made false claims about Tria. Claims like, “You never need to use razors or shaving cream again, you can use the lasers on your entire body, and you’ll see results within weeks of using the system.” The case hasn’t been resolved (yet), but lawsuits against a product are never a good sign.