10 Things Your Waxer Never Told You

Imagine this: You’re laying spread eagle on a table, and a total stranger is about to spread scalding-hot wax on your exposed hoo-ha. Not exactly a scenario you would describe as “comfortable,” right?

In fact, it sort of sounds like something straight out of a horror film. No wonder most women hear the words “Brazilian wax” and shudder. At first, I was one of those women. I had sworn off ever getting a bikini wax, until my best friend convinced me to get one before a summer cruise.

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Turns out, baring all was the best decision of my life. Of course, I was terrified in the beginning. Right before my waxer applied the wax for the first time, a million questions ran through my head. Do I need to clench? Am I clean enough down there? Is it going to hurt? I was so stressed out, I didn’t even feel her pull off the first strip. That’s when I realized it wasn’t so bad, and I was finally able to relax. If only I had known what to expect before going in.

To prevent you from having this same “first wax” fear, I talked to several waxing salon owners to find out what really goes on during a waxing session. Jodi Shays of Queen Bee Waxing in Culver City, Calif., Cindy Barshop of Completely Bare Salons in New York City, and Leah Nacion of The Waxing Co. in Honolulu gave me the uncensored scoop on everything you want to know. They also spilled some helpful tips, like whether or not you can get waxed during your period (admit it, you were wondering).

Now, relax, and give it a try. It’s not as painful as you think — which brings us to waxing secret No. 1. Keep reading to find out what it is …