10 Things Your Waxer Never Told You

You can get staph infections from what?! Check out these must-know tips and behind-the-scenes stories from professional waxers

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Secret no. 9: Waxing makes you more open to infections

Here’s a story every woman has to hear before getting a wax. Shays says she had a client who had been waxing with her for five years without any problems. One day, she came in to get a routine Brazilian wax and followed up a few days later saying she was really itchy (she thought she got an infection from the wax). The woman went to the doctor and found out that her new boyfriend had dirty hands and staph bacteria on his penis, which more easily spread to her because she’d just been waxed.

Moral of the story: Waxing removes the top layer of skin, making it a lot easier for bacteria to get in, so keep the area clean for the first few days after your wax. A good waxing salon will take all possible safety measures while you’re there, but once you leave, it’s up to you to stay germ-free.