10 Things Your Waxer Never Told You

You can get staph infections from what?! Check out these must-know tips and behind-the-scenes stories from professional waxers

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Secret no. 10: Guys love getting waxed, too

All three waxers I talked to said about 15 to 20 percent of their clientele are men. And they’re not all gay or metrosexual men either — they get tons of burly guys who come in for nose, chest, shoulder, back, and even butt and bikini (!) waxing.

Shays says there are a few differences when it comes to waxing men and women. Both get into the same positions, but guys have to hold their skin differently during a bikini wax, for obvious reasons. She also says that most guys have coarser hair, so waxing men usually takes longer. And she spilled this goodie: Men tend to have a lower pain tolerance than women. So much for that tough-guy stuff they’d love us to believe.