10 Things Your Waxer Never Told You

You can get staph infections from what?! Check out these must-know tips and behind-the-scenes stories from professional waxers

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Secret no. 3: Waxers aren’t there to judge

First of all, waxers aren’t doctors. They’re not there to critically examine your you-know-what. Waxing is their job and they do it everyday — so looking at you spread eagle isn’t weird for them. When you see them eyeing this most private area, they’re just looking/thinking in terms of where to remove hair next.

And they definitely don’t stand around and gossip about what their clients’ bodies look like. So if you’re afraid of getting undressed for a bikini wax, Shay says you shouldn’t be. Waxers are trained not to get too personal. Plus, you’ll get the best wax if you don’t keep your underwear on.