10 Things Your Waxer Never Told You

You can get staph infections from what?! Check out these must-know tips and behind-the-scenes stories from professional waxers

waxing tip brazilian

Secret no. 4: A Brazilian wax will leave you completely hairless

Leave it to those bodacious Brazilian ladies to take waxing to a new level. Yes, a Brazilian means all of your hair down there gets taken off, from your bikini line to your butt. A good waxer should explain this before she starts and even ask if you want to keep a little hair. But in case she doesn’t, now you won’t be surprised when she flips you over and starts heading towards your rear.

Barshop says one client freaked out after she had applied the wax, and then she refused to let her pull the strip off. They had to cut the wax out of her hair. If your butt’s off limits, opt for a basic bikini wax instead of a Brazilian.