10 Things Your Waxer Never Told You

You can get staph infections from what?! Check out these must-know tips and behind-the-scenes stories from professional waxers

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Secret no. 5: Whatever you think is bad, they’ve seen worse

Don’t worry — it’s normal to ask your waxer questions like, “Is this the most hair you’ve seen?” or “Am I the biggest baby ever?” The answer is usually no. Case in point: Shays says she has to send a client to the bathroom with a wet wipe at least twice a week, because they have poop on them. Obviously this is pretty embarrassing, so make sure you clean up before your appointment to avoid grossing out your waxer.

Nacion says about 10 percent of her customers don’t freshen up beforehand. Even if you think you’re clean, it doesn’t hurt to double check in the salon’s restroom when you get there.