13 Reasons You’re Getting Zits

You know that acne you've been dealing with? One of these who-would-have-thunk-it reasons is probably to blame

Fight acne with everything you’ve got

Even if you eliminate all of these sneaky acne causes, you may not be completely in the clear. So Shamban and King have a few suggestions to fight acne head on:

1. Start by using a simple kit designed for acne-prone skin (like Dermalogica Clean Start, $35 or Clean & Clear Advantage Acne Control Kit, $19.99) and Shamban says to treat your whole face so you can prevent future pimples instead of just spot treating the ones already on the surface.

2. Remember that it takes about a month of use before you’ll see results, so be patient. If it’s been a month and you’re still rocking a face full of zits, it’s time to try some new products or see a professional. If you’re scarring or getting brown spots from breakouts, then you should definitely see a dermatologist so he or she can keep those to a minimum.

3. If over the counter products aren’t working, then your dermatologist can prescribe birth control or antibiotics, or give you in-office treatments like Isolaz (a light treatment that Shamban says works on any skin type and acne), or other light treatments or peels.