Guys’ Weirdest Grooming Habits

Guys are weird; we know this. But I used to think the weirdness was more in the “we had a great time and he never called” or “actually enjoys discussing baseball stats for three hours” arenas. Turns out, the bizarre behavior even expands into men’s grooming habits.

Click here to see men’s weirdest grooming habits.

Whether he’s a major metro-sexual or limits his shower to a single bar of soap, it seems every guy has something weird up his sleeve — or in his medicine cabinet. To get a glimpse into this freaky world of guys’ bizarre shaving techniques and odd obsessions with toenails we asked 15 guys (or in some cases their girlfriends or wives) to spill all their too-embarrassing-for-words grooming habits. Naturally, they all asked to remain anonymous.

Before you think we’re picking on the dudes, let me point out that we’ve shared women’s omg-insane beauty habits too — so fair’s fair. Now it’s time for the men to be in the hot seat, and for us to have a good laugh at some of their ideas of “good grooming.” Spoiler alert: if you have a sensitive stomach, skip secret no. 7. Consider yourself warned.

Click here to see men’s weirdest grooming habits.