Experts’ Biggest Beauty Mistakes

Are you ready for some fun, totally embarrassing pictures? Well, OK, they’re not of us this time (whew), but you’re still going to love this.

We asked some of the beauty industry’s leading experts to send us old pictures of their most embarrassing beauty mistakes. (Believe it or not, beauty experts have their bad moments too.) And we got everything from horrifying hairstyles to makeup gone wrong — you’ll be cringing at every ’80s look you see in the gallery.

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It took guts for these beauty experts to confess their biggest beauty mistakes from the past (and even more so to provide pictures as proof). So to make things fair, I decided to gather up some of our very own editors’ most embarrassing beauty moments:

• “I used to think electric blue hair mascara was the best thing since Slipknot — yeah, you can see how confused I was about a lot of things.” — Anna, Associate Editor

• “I was convinced full bangs were the look for me, despite a massive cowlick that forced me to coat my hair in gross amounts of hairspray.” — Sarah, Senior Editor

• “There was a time when I ONLY wore pink Fiorucci glitter on my eyelids. Pink. Glitter. So attractive.” — Audrey, Special Projects Editor

See, that wasn’t so hard. I bet it feels good to get it off your chest … want to try? Leave your own story in the comments. And once you’ve finished scrolling through the gallery of experts’ bad beauty moments, you’ve got to check out these bad celebrity beauty mistakes — now they’re in need of some serious help.

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