Teen Heartthrobs: Then and Now

What did your room look like when you were 14? I can still picture mine — pink bedsheets, magazines and nail polish all over the floor, and posters of Justin Timberlake plastered on the walls. Ah, those luscious curls and all denim outfits … OK, back to reality. Even if you weren’t an *NSYNC fan, I’m betting you had at least one hot guy pinned up in your room, maybe above the bed?

Yep, every young girl had a thing for those popular teen heartthrobs. You know the ones I’m talking about. They made your heart skip a beat whenever you looked at their picture. You were obsessed with their music, movies, or shows. AND, you knew that if you and him met, he would totally agree on what a perfect couple you two would make. Sigh.

Click here to see our gallery of teen heartthrobs through the years.

But what were teen heartthrobs like back in the day? Every decade has different standards of “hotties,” right? To get a glimpse, I put together a list of the hottest heartthrobs of every era … wait until you see who mom and grandma were lusting after.

I found some serious teen icons (and major hotties to boot), from Elvis in the ’50s to Justin Bieber in 2011. And guess what? Not much has changed. We still have hot celebrities, with a swarm of female fans following them everywhere they go.

So here’s our heartthrob smackdown. Who’s the hottest of them all? Leave your pick below in the comments, or more like pick(s), because I know how hard it will be to choose just one — trust me.

Click here to see our gallery of teen heartthrobs through the years.