11 Major Celeb Clothing Line Fails

Jennifer Lopez's fashion line Sweetface failure

No. 8: Jennifer Lopez’s “Sweetface”

Jennifer Lopez’s line “Sweetface” was sold exclusively at Kohl’s until it stopped production in 2009 after poor sales. The line was supposed to showcase the celeb’s “urban street style,” but many customers were disappointed. One woman says, “I feel like I can go to any store in the mall and find the exact same pieces made by 20 other designers. Where is the J. Lo ‘wow’ factor I have grown to love?”

Many customers also say the quality was hit or miss. “The faux fur on the short sleeve sweater feels like sandpaper,” says one woman. Another shopper says she was shocked by the high prices: $48 for a scarf, $90 for a dress with “a tiny bit of ruching,” and $84 for a sequin cropped top. Also, “the jewelry was junk. And expensive junk [at that],” she says.