11 Major Celeb Clothing Line Fails

This just proves that being famous doesn't automatically make you a clothing designer

Kim Kardashian's Kardashian Kollection failed fashion line

No. 6: Kim Kardashian’s “Kardashian Kollection”

Kim Kardashian and her sisters Kourtney and Khloe teamed up with Sears to produce their own clothing line in November of 2011. One fashion critic thinks the reason it’s failing is because the department store sells appliances next to the Kardashian clothing collection. But when you actually look at the clothes, you see what’s really holding women back.

And then there’s the accusation that they use child labor to make their clothes … but that’s another story.

One shopper says the clothes are “disappointing and cheaply made; the tags are sewn through and show in the back of all the clothes! Very shoddy work.” Another woman says that there’s no way she would wear anything in the intimates section of the Kardashian Kollection. “The underwear is full of bells and whistles that would probably show through and make you feel uncomfortable,” she says.