How to Add Volume to Fine, Straight Hair

If you’ve got fine, straight hair, a lot of people may be envious of your straight, frizz-free look. However, they don’t realize the downside to such hair is that it has about as much life in it as a limp mop. To add volume to your hair, follow these tips specially created for fine, straight hair.

Start in the shower by using a shampoo and conditioner specially formulated to pump up fine hair. Using a volumizing gel and blow drying your hair upside down once you get out will also help with added volume. Avoid oils, as these will just weigh your fine, straight hair down.

Finally, if you’re looking for a little extra body, hot rollers are going to be your best bet. They don’t take long, and they give your hair just enough body without curling into a full blown spiral. For styling inspiration, check out this gallery of curly, fine hairstyles.

These tips should give fine, straight hair just enough volume. If you’re looking for even higher heights, try a teasing comb. For more hairstyle ideas, try these long, straight styles for fine hair.